“Not the least of the challenges of travel, therefore, is learning how to import — and export — dreams with tenderness”

Hi. This is me with a little Bolivian lady.


My name is Sam. I like to boogie, I like to have a good time, I like to meet strange and wonderful people.

That’s half of why I travel. The other half? Mi padre. Since I was yay high my father has always taken us over sea’s to far away lands, repeating what has now become a life mantra “you learn more in a month of travel than a year of school”. Words to live by.

In a sense I am continuing his original journey, except like all who come before me and those after, I intend to improve on my forefather’s vision. And in this sense I have started my own journey, one of both self  discovery and cultural understanding. I travel to lose myself and find myself, but most of all I travel for perspective. Because whoever ate the last tim tam seems much more trivial in the smokey mist of a tiny hut in Papua New Guinea than it does from my comfy bed in Kew.

This blog will span across the vast space that is Mexico, which for me is currently nothing more than an un-ticked line on a bucket list. As Mexico contains many fascinating, ancient and bizarre traditions, structures and history, I will narrow it down to focusing on the do’s and don’ts of travelling in Mexico; the Mexican’s and Mexicant’s.


However this blog will approach it from a literally “travelling smarter” angle, mixed in with some humour, that advises what not to do in terms of Mexican traditions. It is a how to guide in staying safe in Mexico whilst having a good time, with a dash of habanero humour. Vámonos!


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