Big Restaurant, big stomach, big (unhealthy) heart.

In Mexico, the lack of urgency when it comes to all other aspects of life seems to have found a way of skipping the food process. As a Gringo tourist armed to the teeth with a lonely planet guide, trip advisor app and Hawaiian shirt (yea I rock them so what?), the best way to take advantage of this service is by going big. Big is better, just ask Arroyo…


source: morelos


Arroyo, which is the largest restaurant in Mexico, is located on the outskirts of Mexico city. Founded by Jose Arroyo and Maria de Arroyo in 1940, this Texas-sized institution can seat up to 2,200 patrons. That’s a lot of taco’s folks.


source: trip advisor

No plain-Jane vanilla restaurant itself, the ever-traditional Arroyo even has stages for musical performances, wondering Mariachi bands, the ever-classic piñata party area, it’s own cockfighting pit, a mechanical bull and a bullring. More exciting than being a bird flying over Houston during the forth of July (fireworks + feathers = mess), Arroyo has it all.


That’s great Mr. Blogger but I haven’t eaten anything but airplane food since I got here, what’s eats? Glad you asked Billy…

MEXICAN: Stuff your face with Barbacoa, weight is just a number


mmmyes source: serious eats 

Arguably some of the best barbacoa in all of Mexico, Arroyo offers diners a tender grilled lamb/mutton slab, which you pick apart and stuff into soft corn-tortilla’s and then drench liberally with homemade salsa’s.


I’m ready source: serious eats

From Mexican families to Gringos, sombreros to the lethal socks-sandals combo, all walks of life gather at Arroyo’s to enjoy its delights. One can often see large parties celebrating family events in its dining rooms. Half touristy-half local, still 100% authentic, Arroyo is the bomb yo. Check it.


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