Tick-tock where’s Mexico’s clock?

9bdb66777bf3e9a111808a44ec23eec9We all have that one friend. They are constantly late. Even when they are “on time” they are still later than anyone else. Their definition of “5 minutes” fluctuates between half an hour and a century. Their concept of time would make a storyteller sick. Now imagine a whole country of people with this same predisposition.

Sounds rough, huh?


In the west we embrace time as the pinnacle of efficient living that our industrial revolution has so led us to believe. Our lexicon involves hundreds of phrases with timeliness at the centre. In Mexico, not so much.


translation (source): not right now, boy 

Mexican culture does not put a premium on time the same way Westerners do. This results in some severe culture shock for those coming over. Your bus was meant to leave at 3pm? No worries now it’s 7pm. You need your laundry finished by tomorrow afternoon? Maybe, come back and check tomorrow. You desperately need to go but your taxi driver is explaining to his senorita via his telefono that he didn’t cheat on her and just needs “cinqo minutos por favour” (read: up to an hour). Aaaarrrrghhh!

Why me god? Dear lord let me have strength, is what you might say. That is because you fail to understand where this stems from. It not personal, it is a way of life. It is a subset of their culture; it is part of their identity. Don’t hate, appreciate, mate.

MEXICAN: Do as the Mexicans do, sit back, chill and let everything happen in due course

Mexican’s seem to have an understanding with each other, much like I do with my work colleagues. If we’re all late, no one is late, si? While it is difficult adjusting to the lackadaisical setting of weak time constraints, embracing a Mexican “mañana” attitude towards tardiness takes a lot of the stress out of the situation.

Relax, senor/senorita, and go with the flow. Getting hotter than the Mexican sun over a 20-minute delay, “ain’t nobody got time for that”.


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