The power of Powder: a tale of fear and failure

The cartel war’s have raged on for the past 20 years in Mexico, and in the process have subjected the populace to gruesome atrocities; in 2014 there was the mass kidnapping of 43 students, the multiple reports of mass graves full of cartel victims, tales of brutal torture and horrifying public displays of brutality (nsfw).


source: dailybeast

MEXICAN’T: You can’t traverse Mexico without acknowledging and understanding the danger of the Narco-wars

With such a loosely defined government body, whose waning control and corruption breed’s doubt, Mexican drug cartels funneling illegal narcotics from South America and Mexico itself pose their biggest crisis in modern times. As with many drug gangs, terf wars, paranoia and government intervention have created the perfect storm of violence which rages over Mexico like a great tornado.


source: listverse 

Claiming more than 35,000 lives between 2006 and 2011 alone, the illegal drug and accompanying cartel violence is clearly on Mexican’s minds: 71% of the population are gravely concerned about the drugs, and 77% about the violence. The issue lies at the forefront of their minds as they are constantly exposed to acts of horrific vehemence; it is their loved ones suffering the brunt.

MEXICAN: You can understand Mexico without the rose-tinted glasses

Just like I intend to, you can still get down without a frown in Mexico town. The issue of the narco-trafficking violence is a terrible blight on Mexico’s society; if it were in my backyard I would be equally concerned as the Mexican’s are.

That being said I would be extremely unhappy with the way my government was handling the issue. The use of force against force, military action, brings more innocent lives into the fold than is necessary. It feeds the issue and in my opinion is not the solution. However I am an outsider, my perspective is not reflective of ground zero; if it was my brother or sister dismembered and displayed in public I’m sure I would change my tune in a heartbeat.


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